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My Counselling Approach. Counselling room

I offer a Humanistic approach which values working alongside you rather than looking down at you or telling you what to do.

A space to hear your voice
I aim to provide a space where you can feel heard, not only by me, but also by yourself. Although this sounds simple, it can be powerful to really listen to the different parts of yourself and what they are trying to tell you.

Each person is different
Whilst people have many things in common with one another, I see each person as being unique. I will not set out to label you or put you into a category but aim to help you become more aware of your own beliefs and what matters to you.

Relationships with others and with yourself
Through our interactions you may start to understand better what happens in some of your relationships with other people. For example you may become more aware of your feelings and patterns of thought or behaviour. You may also explore the relationship you have with yourself.

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"I was apprehensive initially as it was my first counselling session and I had bottled up my feelings for a while, but I quickly felt at ease"

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